2013 AL East Predictions

To begin, I just wanted to say that I am sorry for not posting in a while.  It has been a very long time since I have posted but recently I have felt like blogging again.

In today’s post, I am going to give my predictions for the 2013 MLB season and a brief description of each teams things that will defines why they are in the position that I put them in.  I am starting today with the AL East and will move on to do the AL Central, the AL West, and then proceed to the NL.

AL East:

  1. Tampa Bay Rays – A terrific pitching staff goes a long way.  Even with the loss of James Shields and Wade Davis, they got back a very good bundle of prospects.  Expect Chris Archer to make the rotation out of Spring Training and Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery to compete for that fifth spot.  I am also expecting Wil Myers to make a Bryce Harper/Mike Trout appearance coming in late in April and contributing in a big way.
  2. Toronto Blue Jays –  The only thing that prevented me from putting them in first was the fact that I have never seen them play with all of the new players.  Jose Reyes and Rajai Davis will tear up the bases while Bautista and Encarnacion will put up more ridiculous power numbers.  Combine their unbelieveable offense with their new found pitching staff, I expect them to make a run for the AL East Title.
  3. Baltimore Orioles – I can’t give enough credit to Buck Showalter for turning that team into contenders.  He did a tremendous job with a last place team and got them to play like winners.  Still, I say with no pitching staff comes no postseason and that is exactly the issue with the Orioles.  Unless they do end up signing Kyle Lohse, they have a pitching staff consisting of Wei-Yin Chen and that does not produce a winner.
  4. New York Yankees – Some say that with youth, you have inconsistency.  Well, I say that with age you have injury and that is exactly what is going on in the Bronx.  Their ace is 33 years old and is unfortunately at the wrong end of the prime of his career, their best right handed hitter is 39 and is coming off of an ankle injury, they chose to sign a 42 year old closer instead of a 33 year old closer, and not to mention they have a virtually entire left handed hitting lineup.  If they knock around the starter, all the opposing manager has to do is bring in a lefty and the runs will cease.
  5. Boston Red Sox – Removing Bobby V. was a start and signing a couple of veterans was nice, but it is not bring more than 75 wins into Boston.  I think that they are heading in the right track, but they still have a year or two of rebuilding before you can expect them to win.  My biggest issue with them is their pitching.  When their team leader in ERA has an ERA of 4.56, you know there is a serious issue.  If Bucholz and Lester can begin to comeback and be ready for a good season, then they may begin the trek back to the top of the deadly AL East.

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